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Originally registered in June 1992, is one of the oldest and best .Com domain names in the world. Being a Latin word and originated in Greek mythology, the word Atlas projects strength, admiration, credibility, and familiarity worldwide. But don’t take our word for it. From Atlas Copco to Atlas Energy, Atlas Ventures to Stripe Atlas, it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of companies worldwide have made the word Atlas a significant part of who they are and what they do.
Category defining

From anything related to maps, travel, directions to all possible connotations of the word using it's orignal mythology origins - there is only one and the owner of it will instantly become the authority in their field of activity.

Globaly recognisable

Atlas is an internationally used word, there are over 100 countries where it instantly speaks to people.

Memorable & easy to spell

The word is short, memorable and easy to spell for users with pretty much any mother tongue. It easily passes the "radio test".

SEO and traffic

There are over 10 million searches yearly for the word on search engines. Having this as your domain name gives any links on your site instant advantage on search engines on top of the type-in traffic that comes with it.

Long term asset

There are not many 5 letter .com domain names in circulation and there is no other, this premium domain name will likely hold and increase value over time turning it into a valuable asset.


As with most things there are trends in naming and in domain names. however is one of the rare cases where time can only increase it's value and make it more relevant since the word has already passed the test of relevance over time.

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What is a Premium Domain Name?

A premium domain name is a domain that has characteristics above the norm. Such characteristics could such as short, catchy, keyword rich, brandable, and generic or descriptive. The initial acquisition of a Premium Domain is oftentimes high, however it will renew at the regular renewal price for whichever domain extension it uses.

What are the advantages of Owning Premium Domains?

Shorter domains are sought after as marketing tools and as investments. Other Premium Domain Names may be memorable or highly brandable, catchy, and make great calls to action.

Who owns premium domain names?

Premium domains can be owned by a company, broker or individual. You can use a number of services online to try determine the ownership and contact the owner or you can hire a domain broker who will do that for you.

How much do premium domain names cost?

Premium Domain Names may cost anywhere from few hundred dollars to tens of millions of dollars. The price is oftentimes dictated by supply and demand. Ultimately, as domain names are unique, the final price is determined by what a seller is willing to sell and a buyer is willing to buy. According to Wikipedia, some notable sales are (US$ 35.6 million), (US$ 11 million), (US$ 8.5 million), (US$ 3 million).

How do you value a premium domain name for your business?

The best way to value Premium Domain Names is to base your valuation on your own business and your own expertise. You need to come up with a set of questions that ultimately will determine if buying a Premium Domain Name is right for your business.

What are the expenses on premium domain names after the purchase?

The .Com registry, operated by Versign, does not charge premium renewals for Premium Domains. The yearly expenses for a premium domain name renewal after purchase is the same as any other domain and typically, based on the registrar your domain is hosted with, ranges between US$ 10 to US$ 30 per annum.

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